Phase I: Singularity 23:29
CD1-01 Prologue: The Blackboard  
CD1-02 The Theory Of Everything Part 1  
CD1-03 Patterns  
CD1-04 The Prodigy's World  
CD1-05 The Teacher's Discovery  
CD1-06 Love And Envy  
CD1-07 Progressive Waves  
CD1-08 The Gift  
CD1-09 The Eleventh Dimension  
CD1-10 Inertia  
CD1-11 The Theory Of Everything Part 2  
  Phase II: Symmetry 21:31
CD1-12 The Consulation  
CD1-13 Diagnosis  
CD1-14 The Argument 1  
CD1-15 The Rival's Dilemma  
CD1-16 Surface Tension  
CD1-17 A Reason To Live  
CD1-18 Potential  
CD1-19 Quantum Chaos  
CD1-20 Dark Medicine  
CD1-21 Alive!  
CD1-22 The Prediction  
  Phase III: Entanglement 22:34
CD2-01 Fluctations  
CD2-02 Transformation  
CD2-03 Collision  
CD2-04 Side Effects  
CD2-05 Frequency Modulation  
CD2-06 Magnetism  
CD2-07 Quid Pro Quo  
CD2-08 String Theory  
CD2-09 Fortune?  
  Phase IV: Unification 22:20
CD2-10 Mirror Of Dreams  
CD2-11 The Lighthouse  
CD2-12 The Argument 2  
CD2-13 The Parting  
CD2-14 The Visitation  
CD2-15 The Breakthrough  
CD2-16 The Note  
CD2-17 The Uncertainty Principle  
CD2-18 Dark Energy  
CD2-19 The Theory Of Everything Part 3  
CD2-20 The Blackboard (Reprise)  
DVD Making Of The Theory Of Everything


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